One’s purpose is an important guiding tool / guiding torch for them in all the decisions they have to make for themselves and their students. 


With all the work you do in educating populations, it is important for us to talk about the importance of knowing one’s purpose in line with self care and its importance of self care to prevent burn out as educators, and to be well equipped and energized for this big role you play in society in educating our children.

In retrospect, taking care of you is so important, for those you are educating, but for your own health.

How I can help you

  1. Through in person and or virtual workshops around life purpose, high performance and impact for you and your students: EMAIL to arrange
  2. Through SHORT COURSES developed for quick consumption and change
  3. Through a full course on SELF LEADERSHIP
  4. There is information on how I can contribute to your work as an educator in working with your YOUNG PEOPLE