Barbara is a Conscious Leadership & WellBeing Coach, Speaker and Author.

Using her academic and professional experience in psychology, sociocultural and medical anthropology, neuroscience-based coaching, mindfulness and metaphysics, Barbara helps people harness and control the power they have within, to live a life of and on purpose.

Specific to business owners and leaders, she helps them sharpen their conscious leadership skills for higher performance, impact and return on investment. Conscious leadership skills, equip leaders with skillsets that help them create conducive and emotionally safe environments for their teams to step in, flourish and contribute at even higher levels.

Popular talks: Higher Level Self Leadership Higher level leadership as the precursor to leading others better ⚘ The importance of self-leadership ⚘ Steps to starting and maintaining the journey to higher level self-leadership.

Conscious leadership in the workplace, community and nation ⚘ Becoming a conscious leader ⚘ The main elements and steps to conscious leadership ⚘ Why conscious leadership is important for business.

Living a Life of & on Purpose ⚘ The importance of, and how to figure out your life and leadership purpose ⚘ Embracing your global role as a black person / as a woman / as a human being ⚘ The importance of a Deep sense of belonging

Testimonial: I engaged with Barbara Mutedzi recently as a speaker to one of our Moms and Money conferences. During the time leading up to the event, Barbara was extremely professional and responded to communication in a timely manner. During rehearsals and on the day, she showed up on time and exceeded expectations. Barbara was mandated to educate and inspire our Moms on high performance and help them understand how the brain can be engineered to produce such an outcome. Her talk was valuable and left our Moms motivated, encouraged and ready to rave into high performers as evidenced by the feedback we received. Personally, I too implemented the material and content she shared the month immediately after our event, and my performance outcomes were the best that year. I would definitely recommend Barbara as an expert in her field of high performance coaching. She delivers with a lot of energy and leaves your audience convinced that they too can achieve greatness. Barbara is a must have speaker for any conference that wants to have a 5 star rating! Thank you so much Barbara for creating a memorable experience for our Moms. You are exceptionally talented at what you do. Tsungai Masendeke CPF – Certified Financial Planner

Common topics that Barbara speaks on (in alphabetical order) ⚘ Authenticity ⚘ Authentic Leadership ⚘ Belongingness ⚘ BIPOC Speaker ⚘ Business Leadership ⚘ Compassionate Leadership ⚘ Conscious Leadership ⚘ Collaboration and Team Trust ⚘ Collective Consciousness ⚘ Cultural Transformation ⚘ Emotional Intelligence ⚘ Empathetic Leadership ⚘ Equity Consciousness ⚘ Figuring out your Life Purpose ⚘ Human Potential ⚘ Interpersonal Dynamics ⚘ Leadership Development ⚘ Living a Life of and On Purpose ⚘ Mindfulness ⚘ Mindset ⚘ Neuroscience Based Coaching ⚘ Professional Leadership Development ⚘ Purposeful Leadership ⚘ Self-Care for Leaders ⚘ Self-Discovery ⚘ Servant Leadership ⚘ Shadow Work Therapy ⚘ Transformation ⚘ Vulnerability in Leadership ⚘ Women in Leadership

Testimonial: “I have had the awesome and blessed opportunity of working with Barbara on various levels. I have had the opportnuity to work with her as lead facilitator at a goal setting coaching event and I have seen how working with groups of people, she works to challenge people’s current mindsets in relation to where they want to be in their lives. She has an extraordinary way of relating, encouraging and making it possible for people to see the talent they have within themselves. With so much ease, she makes it possible for people to harness that talent and move forward with it toward the life they want to lead”.  Cynthia Chirinda, Communications, Human Capital & Organizational Development Consultant