Short Courses

The following 5 courses are administered as Email-based courses, with some of them available as weekly Live Classes: (1) Consciously Managing Your Time, Planning & Goal Setting; (2) Figuring out your life purpose; (3) Basic Finances; (4) Get that Job! CV writing, Cover Letter Writing and Interview Skills; (5) Career Development. These short courses are helpful in getting you started and or to realign with the basic tenants of their subject matter. PAYMENT OPTIONS are all at the end of this page.


As you begin this course, the assumption is that you know what your goals are, and are seeking help in planning them as you manage your time.  Where you may not know what your goals are, the course that follows: Figuring out your life purpose; helps you get on track to figuring all this out. Once you know the direction you want to take, planning & managing your life becomes a clearer process. Both this Course 1 and Course 2 below, have introductory LIVE classes at the following LINK.

2: Figuring out your life purpose

This is a good course to take even before any of the other courses. Our life purpose is the guiding torch to all our decisions, actions and thoughts in life. Once you have figured out your life purpose, and or at least started the process; it makes it easier to make all your life’s decisions. This course is Email based (payment at end of the page), has a Weekly LIVE CLASS, has an EBOOK that helps you make time to figure out and live your life purpose, is a snippet of the main Conscious SELF Leadership Program. Click against each underlined word for more information, and choose which is best for you.

3: Basic Finances

The purpose of this course is to get you grounded in the foundations of basic finances. Helping you to understand the basic tenants of finances; putting together a budget, an income and expenditure account; how to get out of debt; the different between bad debt and good debt; a sneak peak into investments; how to plan for your financial future. The course allows to put your financial house in order, with questions that address where you are now and where you would like to be; from there how to cover the gap in between.

The course is available as an Email-Based course. Payment button is at the end of the page. If you would like to take it a step further in exploring the mindset, transformational and conscious lessons around money management, I encourage you to also explore the Book Coaching Platform: which has 2 very helpful books: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

4: Get that Job!

How this course came about: Content was curated from a month-long discussion with 100 university graduates in Zimbabwe. I facilitated, directed and monitored the discussion group, answering questions they had around applying for jobs; specifically, how to tailor make and produce a CV and cover letter that gets their CV noticed.

Guidance included interview skills that help one connect with the interviewer / interview panel from the beginning to the end of the interview. I have been invited onto interview panels before to both assess the candidates and to observe and coach interviewers. The information and experience gained is included in the course.

Positive outcomes: Adjusting his CV and Cover letter as per advice in this course, a young gentleman was invited to 3 job interviews within a space of one week. This after having applied numerous times and not succeeding.

Who this course will benefit: This course, is specifically curated for those completing high school to recent university and college graduates – however life lessons intertwined within the text are universal across ages and gender. We will be putting together your CV, either from scratch, or reworking the one you currently have. Email-based payment details are at the end of the page.


This course is for young professionals who have been in the workforce for 2 years of less. It points you in the direction of where you would like to go by asking you to answer questions that make clear your short, medium and long term goals aligned to your career development. From there, the course asks how you are going to attain these so you can start working toward them as you engage with the course material. At the end of it, you will have a clear career development process to follow. Payment button at end of page.



Consciously managing Your Time, Planning & Goal Setting



Basic Finances



Get That Job!



Career Development


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