Watch this space for 2 PODCASTS to be uploaded in the next 6 weeks with interviews with (1) Kim Ades as Executive Coach from Frame of Mind Coaching in Canada; (2) Ingrid Thompson from Healthy Numbers Australia. In the meantime, enjoy the ones BELOW

In this podcast with Brand to Build Co, I share tips on how to figure out your life purpose; what a life purpose is and why it is important. With Thembe Khumalo, the host, we discuss the importance of tapping into your higher power through regular spiritual practices that you follow. Your higher power knows why you are here, and so linking up to connect with it, allows you to keep and feel grounded. Listen by clicking this LINK

Catalyst for Transformation: Spiritual conversation In this interview with Jacqueline Claire, we talk about: Bringing more joy to your inner soul and inner being; when we as leaders shine, others shine; and cultivating that voice of curiosity. I explain the MUTEDZI 3D protocol that I use in my coaching: i.e. (a) how I use psychology in the 1st month to help you understand YOU as you; (b) from there we talk about the 2nd month where we bring in aspects of anthropology, i.e. the socio-cultural influences that have shaped you in your environment and in the (c) 3rd month we explore how, through my training in neuroscience-based coaching, we can harness and control the power you have within your mind and brain to sharpen your leadership skills, and fully step into your purpose. Everything starts with self awareness. LINK

Curiosity and Consciousness PODCAST with Karen Maloney. The intention of the Podcast is to help us open our minds, get curious about ourselves and to raise our vibration and conscious levels. Through conversations with guests like myself, we hope that you will go on an inward journey to discover the truth of who you are and to become aware of your own energy and vibration. We have the power to consciously create our lives but we need to wake up to this fact before we can begin the process and learn the key of self responsibility. Listen. Enjoy. Reach out and Let’s help you figure out your purpose. LINK

SOTZIM Make your mark. COVID & YOUTH FACEBOOK LIVE: A discussion with a group of bright and ambitious youth on the impact COVID is having on them – concerns, coping mechanisms, opportunities, you name it. LINK

A-Z MASTERCLASS for building your conscious and spiritual business practice, gaining an understanding of the direction you need to take, in putting together an agile business structure that will help you be fully present for those you are gifted to serve. LINK

WEBINAR: Being more conscious to what life can become

A podcast / fireside chat on Being more conscious to what life can become. Click on the play button for the full webinar facilitated and sponsored by Dr. Nyarai Paweni through the Wired to Live and Thrive Platform.

PODCAST: LIVING INTEGRATED BY Katie Oldja: In my interview with Katie – who is based in HAWAII – we talked on (1) the Science of High Achievement and (2) How I help my clients achieve high performance. To listen, follow the LINK.

PODCAST: IDEAS TO IMPLEMENTATION BY SIMONE BELL: My interview with Simone – based in the UK – talked about how I managed to move from full time employment, to becoming a consultant and finally to owning my own business. Here is the You Tube link to the interview: LINK

PODCAST:THE JOY MOGAMI SHOW WITH JOY MOGAMI – based in BOTSWANA – invited me onto her show because of how my work highlights, teaches and empowers Africans; including my own healing, transformation journey, history, philosophy, belief system, practices and experience. LINK

PODCAST: LIVING YOUR INTENTIONS WITH JENNIFER MATTHEWS: The intention for the Living Your Intentions podcast with Jennifer – based in AUSTRALIA – was to interview mindset experts and/or those who have suffered and overcome trauma in their lives with a change in mindset. I shared my journey that propelled me into adulthood much quicker than I would have loved it to, but with time came to appreciate. LINK


  1. Neuroscience-based coaching: how we can harness and control our minds and brains for higher performance (show not recorded)
  2. Conscious Leadership Coaching: The importance of and how we can stay positive in this time: here is the link to download the recording (note that this audio recording has a mixture of 2 languages English and Shona). INTERVIEWER is Folake Saije


  1. Online coaching series: Part of the series is found on my facebook page: See Part Recording on the right
  2. Complimentary Bookclub open during this time of Social Distancing & Social Isolation March – April 2020. INTERVIEWER for both shows were with Queen Rutendo Mutsamwira


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