A strategy is the guiding torch and tool to any activity and decision that any leaders’ life, business, department, community, nation or region.

Working with you, my focus will be on making clear, focused and transparent the 5 elements of your strategy. The importance of this is to make your strategy a living and actionable document that any department, division and team can take and tailor make to their space; one that is absolutely, clear, inclusive and transparent with monitoring, evaluation and performance tracking in place.

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Focus areas:

  1. Assessing,
  2. Enhancing &
  3. Facilitating your strategy with the focus of making it an inclusive, living and immediately actionable document

Expanding your strategy:

  1. With focused plans & outcomes that allow for:
  2. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of your goals
  3. Performance tracking for your Business, Human Resources / People Development, Leadership and Team members

Focused plans for the Business:

  1. Allow for flexibility and agility in systems & processes
  2. Increase the ability to pivot in unstable environments
  3. Allow for effective use of organizational resources
  4. Promote intrapreneurship in the business

Focused plans direct HR process & function by:

  1. Equipping those on the interview and hiring panel
  2. Directing on values, skillsets, and whom to hire
  3. Directing the on boarding, retention and reward process
  4. Re-directing performance appraisals with a focus of curating conducive environments for your people to step in and contribute at even higher levels
  5. Showing opportunities for up-skilling & training staff

Clear strategies help People who manage people:

  1. Focus on, guide and protect the purpose, vision and values
  2. Remove time-consuming habits of micromanagement which chase away good employees and partners
  3. Frees up time for continued personal development and sharpening of conscious leadership skills
  4. Provide physically and emotionally conducive environments for their teams to flourish
  5. Successfully lead remote teams remotely

Transparent plans for your People:

  1. Increase accountability, discipline and respect
  2. Allows for the embodiment & expression of organizational values beyond memorizing them
  3. Allow for Diversity & Inclusion
  4. Invite contribution and continual 2-way feedback
  5. Encourage intrinsic motivation
  6. Reduce unconscious bias and encourages team contribution


SCHEDULE A CALL OR EMAIL so we can assess where you are at with your strategy and how we can move forward with any or all of the elements below. LINK to schedule a CALL.