Hello! My name is Barbara Mutedzi. I am a CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP COACH, a Social and Medical Anthropologist trained in Neuroscience based coaching.

As a HUMAN CATALYST, my Purpose is your Purpose. I help you harness and control the power you have within, to live your life purpose. And where you may not be clear on your purpose, I am here to help you figure it out.

Specific to BUSINESS OWNERS & LEADERS, Leadership starts with you. My role by your side, is to help you sharpen your Conscious Leadership skills as we create Conducive environments for those you lead, serve and look after, to step in, flourish and contribute at even higher levels.

CONSCIOUS Leadership comes from a deeper space of self-awareness. One that understands that though each of us are on a different path to achieving our purpose; we are all essentially Human: connected, social & when provided with conducive environments, able to perform & contribute at even higher levels.

When our PEOPLE thrive, we thrive. Yes, we need systems and processes to help us along, but let’s make sure they are agile and flexible, as is the dynamic nature of all of us, as Humans.

The more we inclusively engage our collective minds & brains; the higher the performance, impact & return on investment. People + PERFORMANCE = Purposeful Profit. Let’s start you on your Conscious Leadership Journey HERE