Hello! My name is Barbara Mutedzi. I am a CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP COACH, a Social and Medical Anthropologist trained in Neuroscience based coaching.

As a HUMAN CATALYST, I help you harness and control the power you have within you, to live your purpose. And where you may not be clear on your purpose, I have created Coaching programs, that will help you on that path.

Specific to BUSINESS OWNERS & LEADERS, I make sure that your vision, Purpose and outlook for the organization, nation and people you are leading, is fully understood, embodied and executed in your People’s everyday activities, performance and output.

This leaves time and space for you as the Leader, to make sure that the organizational & national vision is protected. Without a vision, our People will perish.

LEADERSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL effectiveness starts with you. We can only lead others to the level to which we are. My role by your side, is to help you sharpen those leadership skills, in preparation for higher level, conscious leadership.

CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP comes from a deeper space of self-awareness. The kind of leadership that understands that though each of us are on a different path to achieving our Purpose; we are headed for the same destination, and so can help each other along the way.

The more we positively engage our collective minds and brains for higher Performance, the more impact we have for all those we have the privilege to lead, serve and look after. I look forward to being of Leadership service to you and your teams.