Conscious Leadership comes from a deep space of self-awareness guided by each person’s inner wisdom. This increases emotional intelligence steeped in authentic groundedness, which through curated practices as represented in our Conscious Leadership programs, improve on self-directed emotional agility.

Hello! My name is Barbara Mutedzi. My purpose is to help you harness & control the power you have within you, to live a life of and on purpose. Specific to Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs; we work at increasing your ROI, performance & impact through Conscious leadership skills.

Curated just for you are 3 Main Coaching programs:

The Conscious LEADER-ship

The Conscious SELF-Leadership Program

The PRESIDENTIAL Conscious Leadership Program

All programs follow the Mutedzi 3-D protocol, which helps you to Define your Life & Leadership purpose with increasing clarity. From there, and using your Purpose as a guiding torch, we will Design and create a roadmap that will help you stay on track, whilst cultivating &actively Displaying habits and behaviors aligned with your Purpose.

All programs & courses, are well researched & informed through mainstream and deep Psychology, Socio-cultural & Medical anthropology, Neuroscience based coaching, Metaphysics and teachings from Consciousness. The journey here being to deeply enhance your Self Awareness, which leads to higher levels of Emotional Intelligence.

All programs are deeply engaging and interactive, using your everyday life as the Classroom for your Transformation. The journey being to attain Emotional Agility.