Hello! My name is Barbara Mutedzi. I help people sharpen their leadership skills at personal, professional and business level.

Together, we will help you Define your purpose with absolute clarity. Using your purpose as a guiding torch, we will Design a roadmap for all areas of your life; one that makes decision making easier, quicker and focused, whilst increasingly freeing up time for the things that are really important and meaningful to you. From there, we help you Display, that is, cultivate habits, actions & activities that will help you stay on track.

Testimonial from a recent Client (a Dentist, Business Owner & Entrepreneur): Thank you for this process, it has superseded my dental education as one of the most important and transformative investments in myself, and truly paved a way for me to be of effective service to others. I feel like I finally know who I am, delved into my identity in ways I never thought I would, I have “become”, and I am so grateful! No stopping me now – I have designed my life, I know who I am, time to do what I was put on this earth to do, LET’S GET IT DONE!!!  I have such clarity of purpose, the fog has lifted. Thank you!!!

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Specific to BUSINESS OWNERS & LEADERS, I help you sharpen your conscious leadership skills for high performance, impact & whilst increasing return on investments.

CONSCIOUS Leadership comes from a deep space of self-awareness guided by each person’s inner wisdom. This increases emotional intelligence steeped in authentic groundedness, which through curated practices as represented in our Conscious Leadership programs, improve on self-directed emotional agility.

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