Coach Database


Dear Coach, Speaker, Teacher et al.,

We have started to create a database of other coaches and speakers as there is a need to have it handy for increased and better referral of clients. I have found in my work, that when I am approached by clients seeking assistance that is not within my expertise, or not in line with what I am focusing on for that season, and or not within my pricing, I struggle to find other coaches and experts with the focus areas that clients are requiring at that time; hence the creation of this database.

In filling in the form below we can start creating a database for clients to have for specialized services, as well as for us to refer to the other should the expertise required be out of our own purview. I appreciate being part of this. My belief is that if we want to go fast we go alone, but if we want to go far, we go together right? Thank you again for participating in this database production. Should you require information about me, my details are found on this LINK

With kind regards, and excitement on this venture!