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By increasing the value of leaders toward Transformational & Conscious Leadership, we can build better nations, businesses, communities, homes and a fulfilled people.


Everything is centered on PURPOSE. Our purpose at individual, at family, community, group, national, regional and international level. This should be and is the start to higher level leadership to those we have the privilege to lead, serve and look after. Never put a cap on becoming more self aware, more conscious and connected. We are one.

This is where I come in as a Conscious Leadership Coach. Helping you sharpen your leadership skills for higher PERFORMANCE, IMPACT and PROFIT. 

Let’s work together to create:  An inspired leadership team; Lifting the leadership standard; Bringing insight into Leader’s lives; Creating transformational and Conscious leadership; Helping you, your organization and nation, increase leadership performance; and Leveraging leaders’ personal values with that of the business & the nation.


Why Conscious Leadership 

It is highly engaging & empowering. It flourishes in spaces where leaders together with their employees, find ways of fulfilling personal & professional goals for their families, organization & nation. It promotes conscious and high performance habits for employees, leaders, organizations and all its other stakeholders.


YOUR PURPOSE IS MY PURPOSE: With my background in psychology, anthropology and neuroscience-based coaching, I developed the MUTEDZI 3D protocol which works to instill higher performance habits in all areas of your life and for those you lead, serve and look after. The coaching technique I use, takes you through a journey of deep self inquiry, tracing, testing and growing through a curated set of sessions and exercises.

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COACHING PHILOSOPHY: We are the managers & directors of our lives; and even with that said, there is a Higher power, an intelligence in everyone that can guide us toward higher levels of engagement at any level. My role along this journey is to help you re-connect to your inner wisdom & power. 

FOUNDING PRINCIPAL: We are spiritual beings living a human life. As spiritual beings, we are interconnected with each other, with nature, and everything around us. As spiritual beings, we get to expression our divinity through our everyday actions. 

I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR with my first book titled, Am I Insane, Black or Just a Woman being a relay of my young adulthood and my second, being my Academic Masters in Medical Anthropology Thesis, turned into a book. In addition, I have contributed to academic journal publications and have authored 40+ professional articles on LinkedIn. 

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There is no greater leader than the one who truly knows their self and continues to discover their talents as an evolving human being...Barbara Mutedzi




Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership Coach trained in Neuroscience-based coaching (study of the mind and brain for higher performance; a course accredited by the International Coach Federation – ICF) with a background in health and community Psychology; Socio-cultural and Medical anthropology.

She is a Transformational Speaker Leader and Author; a Human catalyst, whose purpose is to help you harness and control the power you already have within you, to live your life purpose.

Specific to Business owners and Leaders, Barbara focuses on sharpening their leadership skills, for higher performance, impact and profit on purpose. 


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