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I am a Conscious Leadership Coach who uses her training in Neuroscience-Based Coaching, Psychology, Sociocultural & Medical Anthropology, Metaphysics, Conscious Living, Yoga and Mindful Meditation, only to name a few, to help people who are ready to live a life of and on purpose. Specific to Leaders, Business owners and Entrepreneurs, I help them increase return on investment as they increase performance and impact through the Conscious Leadership Programs and Courses I have developed.


my coaching philosophy

My coaching philosophy is that we are all managers and directors of our own lives, whether we choose to believe it or not. There is an intelligence in each of us, that when we truly listen and allow it to guide us, we can live more conscious, deeply aware, connected and engaged lives.

My role on this coaching journey, is to help you re-connect with this divine essence. Starting from wherever you are on your life journey, I help you Define with as much clarity as possible what your Life Purpose is; from there we Design roadmaps that help you stay on track, whilst cementing progress by Displaying habits and behaviors aligned to this purpose.

Why Conscious Leadership 

It is highly engaging & empowering, authentically grounded through it’s collaborative and inclusive nature. It lends to higher return on investment, through more aligned higher performance and wider-spread impact. Conscious leadership flourishes in spaces where leaders together with the people they lead, serve and look after, actively curate ways of fulfilling personal & professional goals for their families, organization & nations. 


Everything is centered on PURPOSE. Our purpose at individual, family, community, group, national, regional and international level. This should be and is the start to higher level leadership for ourselves and those we have the privilege to lead, serve and look after. It all starts with us as leaders within ourselves, before we can effectively lead others.


The Conscious SELF & LEADERship Programs, use the MUTEDZI 3D protocol, which is steeped in my both academic and professional experience. The protocol works to instill higher performance habits in all areas of your life and for those you lead, serve and look after. It takes you through a journey of deep self inquiry, gaining clarity, setting intentions, drawing up roadmaps and as we explore, adjust and grow on the go



My first book, Am I Insane, Black or Just a Woman, is a relay of my path through young adulthood. The second is my Academic Masters in Medical Anthropology Thesis, turned into a monograph. Click against each book title below to finding their descriptions on Amazon. In addition, I have contributed to academic journal publications and have authored 40+ professional articles on LinkedIn. and several Ebooks.



My aim with any audience is to go beyond motivational and inspirational, to the higher level transformational and more consciously engaging level; which spurs action amongst the audience, and provides them with practical tools, habits and advice that will help them change all areas of their lives, in a way that fulfills their individual and collective purpose.


I am part of the Consciousness Leaders group. Click on the logo above for more information. 


I am a Research Consultant and Lead with 10+ years of health-related research experience. As a WellBeing coach, I use Mindfulness, Yoga Meditation, to help all those I work with, align their mind, body and spirit for a more integrative way of living, healing and growth. Link to my research and wellbeing work is at the end of this page.


Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership Coach trained in Neuroscience-based coaching (a course accredited by the International Coaching Federation), with a background in Psychology and Anthropology. As a Transformational Speaker, Leader, Author and Human catalyst, Barbara’s purpose is to help you live a life of and on purpose. Specific to Business owners and All leaders, Barbara focuses on sharpening their leadership skills for higher performance and impact. She trains people to Become leadership itself, not to just be a leader. For individuals, Barbara helps them Define, with increasing clarity, what their life purpose is. Using this as a guide, she helps them Design a life roadmap, whilst helping them Display habits and behaviors that help them stay on track. With entrepreneurs, Barbara focuses on helping them clarify & align all 5 elements of their business strategy in a way that encourages growth, innovation & sustainability in any environment.