I had originally approached Barbara about 6 years ago regarding some high performance life coaching. The work and courses we did were exactly what I was needing at the time, but it was the patience, energy and kindness that Barbara had that led me down new paths of self exploration and reflection, which ultimately had the most impact on my life. Every time I got a bit stuck whether it be spiritually, professionally or personally, Barbara always managed to guide me down the path and give me the tools that I needed to clear the way and get me back on track. She is an exceptional coach, mentor and human. Reg, Business Manager and Entrepreneur. 

Thank you for this process, it has superseded my dental education as one of the most important and transformative investments in myself, and truly paved a way for me to be of effective service to others. I feel like I finally know who I am, delved into my identity in ways I never thought I would, I have “become”, and I am so grateful! No stopping me now – I have designed my life, I know who I am, time to do what I was put on this earth to do, LET’S GET IT DONE!!!  I have such clarity of purpose, the fog has lifted. Thank you!!! Client is a Dentist, Business Owner & Entrepreneur)

I engaged with Barbara Mutedzi recently as a speaker to one of our Moms and Money conferences. During the time leading up to the event, Barbara was extremely professional and responded to communication in a timely manner. During rehearsals and on the day, she showed up on time and exceeded expectations. Barbara was mandated to educate and inspire our Moms on high performance and help them understand how the brain can be engineered to produce such an outcome. Her talk was valuable and left our Moms motivated, encouraged and ready to rave into high performers as evidenced by the feedback we received. Personally, I too implemented the material and content she shared the month immediately after our event, and my performance outcomes were the best that year. I would definitely recommend Barbara as an expert in her field of high performance coaching. She delivers with a lot of energy and leaves your audience convinced that they too can achieve greatness. Barbara is a must have speaker for any conference that wants to have a 5 star rating! Thank you so much Barbara for creating a memorable experience for our Moms. You are exceptionally talented at what you do. Tsungai Masendeke CPFCertified Financial Planner

Queen, You planted seeds, watered some and helped me prune a lot of branches that were not bearing any fruit. All of the stuff you taught us on our show is literally playing out now I’ve defined, designed and still tweaking and now displaying the life I’ve always imagined. Even as I rework my business vision and the core team I’m slowly recruiting to build towards higher level leadership. I have razor sharp clarity of where I am now and how I need to get to where I want and most importantly why. LISTEN!!! You’re my human rescue package because when you came into my life I had come from THE most depressed episode of my life and I was winging my way through life knowing yes, I could be a leader one day but too tired mentally, emotionally and spiritually to even think it all through. Then there’s all the nuggets you give me on anthropology, spirituality and consciousness. All of these things you share are so pertinent to what I need to know and immerse myself into over the next couple of years so I can lead better, and because of my larger than life personality, I’ll use my platforms and influence to impact and influence the minds of my peers and those who are inspired by my story! In a nutshell, this is how you helped me. Queen Rutendo Mutsamwira: Radio & TV Producer and Presenter, Author and Speaker

“I have had the awesome and blessed opportunity of working with Barbara on various levels. I have had the opportnuity to work with her as lead facilitator at a goal setting coaching event and I have seen how working with groups of people, she works to challenge people’s current mindsets in relation to where they want to be in their lives. She has an extraordinary way of relating, encouraging and making it possible for people to see the talent they have within themselves. With so much ease, she makes it possible for people to harness that talent and move forward with it toward the life they want to lead”.  Cynthia Chirinda, Communications, Human Capital & Organizational Development Consultant

“Barbara is an amazing professional, who helps you to realise your full potential through her thought provoking yet inspiring and interactive sessions. Her unique approach provides a convenient platform for enhancing self awareness and emotional intelligence, both at a professional and person level. She has helped me as a leader to reflect how I impact others for the greater good, whilst realising my vision of making the world a better place. I would not hesitate to recommend her for those looking for pragmatic mind coach, as she will always challenge the paradigm”  Farai Waya, CISA, CISM, Team Leader IT Audit at First Mutual Holdings Limited