The sniffles are not what I need right now!

francesca-hotchin-403643I woke up at midnight on Thursday night / Friday morning? with a scratchy throat and a possibility of a cold coming on. Nooooooooo…. not on my clock! So, had an interesting conversation with myself for a good half an hour in bed. If I can force myself back to sleep — that will allow my body energy to fight off any infection. But, I couldn’t sleep, and the more I was awake the more I could imagine the little buggers (cold disease troops in my throat) using my good resources to slowly create armies of their little selves in my throat. I could feel them having taken over one part of my throat, and slowly progressing to the rest of it, disabling my white blood soldier army bit by bit and in a sneaky way which I did not see coming at all! Ugly little buggers with the strength to take a whole body down — not on my watch! That did it — I got out of bed, heated some hot water with lemon and ginger, placed a bag of Moringa tea, filled up a 1liter flask of more water with more lemon and ginger and then sat at my computer working to give myself time to drink all this up and as a way to arm my white blood cells who were rallying the troops to get rid of the enemy! That was actually quite fun as I was imagining all this happening in my throat. The point was — there was no way I was going to fall sick. I had to give this body back whatever it felt like it was lacking so that it could squash this cold.

I don’t like colds, they reduce productivity, my whole body aches, I feel not so great…good time to bundle up with a good book though…but not this time around — full plate of tasks to complete and the end of the week was coming up — actually it was end of the week. ‘Soldiering’ up allowed me the peace of mind that I was actively helping my body soldiers — I felt great after the first cup of lemoned, gingered and moringared tea, then felt sleepy — but had to finish arming my white blood cells so sat at my computer and typed this article, called the young sister in the UK — I love the time differences — she was still up, then went to bed. Life was good.

Woke up later to go exercise, strong, energetic, white blood cells soldiering on and another flask in hand. Definitely dressing warmer today and having a night in with a book — just because. Somewhere along the way, I lost the plot though, got too comfortable and forgot to continue drinking lots of fluids and taking in my vitamins…needless to say, I lost the battle. Roll on Monday, in bed, finishing off this article, warm water and the sniffles in tow…couple more days I should be back to normal.

Interesting vlog I listened to over the weekend about the Ice Man, Wim Hof, and how through meditation he controls his body to the point where he never gets sick and has climbed up to the top of cold mountains such as Mount Everest, shirtless and in a pair of shorts, or stayed submerged in ice for more than an hour without his core body temperature changing…that’s amazing. Lots of breathing and meditation practices for me — that’s for sure.

Your turn

Do you have a routine that keeps you healthy and your white blood cells ‘soldiered’ up way before any infection sets in? It’s more sustainable that way, not panicking and losing the battle like I did…

What natural plants, herbs if you may do you use that help with your immune system?

Do you take the time to learn and listen to your body’s needs and provide it with the nutrients that it needs before they become depleted?

Stop and think of the signs that your body gives you to tell you that you may need to take some time out for some self-care? Body awareness is important.


The mind and body synchronicity is an amazing thing and once we learn to listen to the unique signs that it shares with us on an everyday basis and in so many different ways, we can preserve and look after it in a way that will allow it to serve us and our purpose in a more sustainable way

Happy Monday!



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