What’s your truth? Your birthday could be your New Year too…

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 9.40.05 AMI was born on the 20th of July. I traditionally take time off on the day to reflect on the past year and to plan for the coming one. This year, I took myself away for the weekend to celebrate me and to continue this tradition…up in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, in the Vumba. The views, the quietness – except for the lovely chirping birds and wind in the trees were incredible!

My birthday is my New Year. I don’t use the 1st of January as a New Year – but rather a halfway mark in my own year of birth; a time to make sure I am still on the path that I would have set for myself 6 months previously. The same questions I ask the clients I coach are the same ones I ask of myself during my birthday and reflection time. The honest answers I give to myself and the honest answers my clients give for their lives, continue to act as a guiding torch and tools toward my and their life’s mission. Here goes:

  1. If you were the Manager of your own life right now – which you are, whether you choose to believe it or not – how would you rate YOUR LIFE right now (use a rating scale of 1 to 10)?
  2. If your answer is not 10; what do we need to do right now to get you to YOUR 10?
  • Let’s break it down by looking at all aspects of your life…
  • Where should your finances, your relationships, your education, your career etc…be for you to be at a 10?
  • How would we bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be? 
  • What are the timelines you want to work with and which you know are feasible for you?
  • What structures and systems do you need to put in place to make sure you get there in all areas of your life?
  1. If you were the Director of your own life – which you are, whether you choose to believe this or not; what are your vision, mission and values?
  • These will be your guiding principles to get to your unique version of a 10
  • Your Vision is where you want to be by a specified period
  • Your Mission is how you’re going to get there
  • Your Values are the foundational truths that you stand by and will help you navigate through life

Let’s begin…


With my own recent reflection, these last couple of days; what I can tell you is that my vision holds strong; my mission needed some tweaking and my values continue to provide a foundation that speaks to what I can give and what those around me have. It’s now your turn:

  • What’s your truth?
  • What are your answers to these questions?
  • How can I help you? Let me know (designyourlifefoundation@gmail.com)

Happy birthday and Happy New Year for your next birth date! Barbs


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