The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any: Alice Walker

The last couple of weeks in Zimbabwe have been and are still historical as the dynamics of politics change. Where people did not feel they had a voice, a power, a cause to come together, to ask and make a change – that quickly shifted. The hope is that, that innate power put into action stays at the heart of each Zimbabwean’s life moving forward. Where a change in government occurred in 1980 with a parallel change of power from one entity to another – the same tools, systems and mindsets of robbing from the citizens and rendering them powerless and voiceless were used by the leadership then. The hope is that history does not repeat itself. The hope is that though the same systems are currently present, as a people – Zimbabweans can come together and have a say in the way their lives, those of their children and grandchildren will play out for the centuries to come.

This starts with having a vision for one’s nation, a vision for one’s community, a vision for one’s own life, a vision that includes living and planning to leave a strong, committed legacy for those that come after us. Allowing each individual and group to express its needs; collectively working toward them as they gain and give back through accountable leadership in the home, workplace and broader community.

This comes with each person, remembering the part they played in changing a leadership they had given total power to; it comes with harnessing that power toward inclusive collaborative care of the total environment (social, political, economic) that one lives from. It comes with a continued shift in positive mindsets, which will lead us down a positive path of positive actions and positive outcomes. What you feed your mind is what will lead your thoughts and actions; we become what we think about (Earl Nightingale).

  • Where is your mind today?
  • What are you feeding it?
  • Where is it directing you?

To be selective on what we are thinking about, we need to be deliberate, every day in the things we expose our minds and physical selves to. To know what to feed our minds, we need to know the paths that will lead us there.

To choose the paths that will lead us there, we need to know the destinations we would like to head toward; not to just get to there, but to use each destination point as a spring board and foundation for future journeys.

The only destination that should be in our hearts and minds is death – the rest (our life) is a journey that should be full of grace, experiences, learnings and teachings; which when embraced, make for a wonderfully fulfilling road trip.

What is your vision? Who are you bringing along with you on that journey? We should never leave others behind, as we grow and learn, they also grow, learn and find their voice.


Before you die, what would you have liked to achieve, for yourself, your family, friends and nation?

You are the manager and the director of your own life whether you believe it or not. How are you managing and directing it? What guiding tools are you using, i.e. what is your life plan?

Whatever your answers are, I hope that you use the power you have as a human being to progress toward the things that allow the power of those around you to also shine toward a collective nation of progress.

Congratulations Zimbabwe and Happy Monday!


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