Part 2: You are love, you are good

self love_giulia-bertelli-94235

The labels that we place on people — whether it be that they are good people or bad people — or any other other labels you can think of — pushes people to succumb to what other people tell them to do, for the sake of being labelled ‘a good person’; though their souls and their core being intrinsically knows that they are love and they are good just as they are. Societal pressures push against the core being, breeding people who are not authentic or true to themselves.

We succumb to peer pressure, we succumb to jobs we do not like, we succumb to bad behaviors in bad relationships and stay in them too long — all the while trying to be a good person. But you’re good already, you are love already. Only when you realise that it is the behavior that you have exposed yourself to or may have adopted that needs to change so that you can be at peace with who you really are and who you are attuned to be, there will always be discordance.

If your equilibrium, your resting place per say is love and is good — then every morning or every moment, you get to reset it to that. You get to forgive yourself much more easily and quicker; you get to restart and refocus and recenter your being, your activities, yourself to love and to good. You get to share that with others because others are just like you…they are love, they are good.

We stop competing but complimenting, we start collaborating because our love manifests in beautiful and different ways, we begin to appreciate ourselves and those around us. We begin to appreciate and see the talents that each and every one of us has; buidling strong foundations of love as we link our hands together, collaborating to make a beautiful world together, we stop pushing others to act in a certain way that selfishly pleases us, when what we should be doing is appreciating that others’ equilibrium is love and when we allow them as we would like others to allow us, to be authentic, or to be true to our love and to our goodness — people bring their A game to any situation and stop hiding behind the self-limiting beliefs often put in place by others; self-limiting beliefs that stop us from shining and being great; self-limiting beliefs that stop us from celebrating each other because we are branding people as good or bad — pushing them away with these labels that are simply not true.

We stop pointing fingers and gossiping because all that is, is saying when someone acts different from others — then there is something wrong with them. But we are all different, even identical twins borne of the same mother are different; it is in our differentness that we can shine, we can collaborate and produce works of art and grandness that is totally amazing…because all we are doing is linking and putting the love within us. The more good, the more love that comes together — the greater the love, the good and the positive manifestations.

I love you, beautiful people. You are love, you are good. Don’t let other people define you — be yourself, be authentic, listen to your hearts song, listen to your instincts, be great and let’s appreciate each other. Have an awesome week!



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