Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.42.32 PMBarbara has played a very pivotal role in our training sessions under the Youth Leaders league (Y2L) training we are currently running in Zimbabwe

As Youth Leaders League (Y2L) Zimbabwe our aim is to create a critical mass of young transformers on the continent of Africa through a 12 lesson leadership and development curriculum.

After being introduced to Barbara and hearing that she was a qualified Transformational Coach we requested her services in our trainings as we believed that she was the best person to assist us. I have to admit that we got more than we expected. Barbara went above and beyond as the training she provided to the students played a pivotal role in bringing a mind-set change to them. Barbara was able to relate to them in a way that made all the students very comfortable to share their views on what they thought about the topic, which at that time was The Sexual Life of a Leader, and also what they wanted to know. She made the class very simple and was very authentic with the students which made it very easy for them to be comfortable with her. The students loved her so much that they wanted more time with her after the class was over.

Barbara is also one of our mentors under The Elegant Grind an organisation that I am part of that seeks to promote gender equality and empower young women with skills and resources to run businesses that are sustainable and scalable.

Barbara has been instrumental as a mentor to all the ladies that are in our network as she has provided advice and provided a platform for discussion for such topics as finances, collaboration, love, adopting good habits etc. Her expert advice and knowledge has really helped the young women in our network to understand the importance of collaboration especially in our Zimbabwean economy right now. Her knowledge has also helped the young women to also look into foreign investments like bitcoins. As this is virtual mentorship I am very happy with the fact that Barbara is always available when the ladies need clarification and also have questions and also the fact that she regularly posts topics which constantly ignite discussions.

Overall, Barbara is very willing to share her experiences and how she got to where she is now which makes it very easy to relate to her and coupled with her vast experience, knowledge and passion to see a holistic person this I believe is helping and will really help her assist a lot of people to transform their minds hence their lives. We definitely know our class at Y2L and the network of young women is being transformed.