Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.43.55 PMVery grateful to you Barbs for your investment into my personal life and that of Nduna Girls.

On a personal note, I find your questions and honesty refreshing and challenging. You do not impose but only guide the thought and self discovery process and I can not fully express my gratitude for you being a voice that reminds me that I am enough and I am important. As such I need to pause and reflect in order to redirect my life – something I haven’t always done often, as well as to dream and come up with the actual steps to get to where I seek to be.

I appreciate the work you have done with Nduna Girls and our grant beneficiaries, interns and volunteers; who range from 16 – 25 with all their various careers and aspirations. Sometimes its hard to steer so many bubbling and yet diverse group of young people with their various characters and responses, but you have done so well and had them talking about stuff and reaching out to you for more support.

Thank you Barbs. Looking for many more years of coaching and collaboration!

Blessings and love always