Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.44.35 PMMy life coaching experience with Barbara.

I was going through life without having any feelings of not having any kind of bearing on my own life. I was at a point where I felt I was living life without taking note of myself and the environment I live in. I was always feeling unhappy. Feeling like my life is useless and having no direction whatsoever. The reason I decided to take life coaching was because I was tired of hearing the same voice in my head. I wanted to share my thoughts and receive positive direction.

I picked Barbara because she is such a warm and inviting person and the biggest part being how she gave no judgement at all. She did not make me feel pressured even with the very difficult questions. I was extremely nervous and worried about my very first session, But after receiving her warm greeting I began to relax. As time progressed I began to look forward to our sessions. The sessions were very inspirational and elightening. I found myself sitting there and saying Wow!!! She is amazing. Having her share some of her life experiences played a big part in helping me accept myself and feel good.

My big takeaways are that its totally important to love myself and not feel bad about it. I have also learned how to plan ahead in a positive way and being more open to social activities.

I would recommend Barbara to anyone and everyone. She is an amazing soul. You will never regret it 🙂