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What it is: An easier, faster, cheaper and accessible way of disseminating your training course content to individuals, groups and teams of people with limited accessibility to regular and affordable Internet.

We use this platform for some of our own work and so have tested its effectiveness, especially with uptake, engagement and retention of course content.

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Who this is for: HR Training Personnel, teachers, coaches, professionals, entrepreneurs, universities and other educational platforms who and which serve people who have limited and irregular access to internet.

Who would be your clients: Individuals, groups and teams of people especially in low to middle income countries where Internet services are expensive, sporadic and sometimes unavailable.

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Why WhatsApp versus Online

  1. Easier, cheaper, accessible, on the go
  2. Effective, cheaper delivery of content directly into the person’s hand
  3. Quick uptake of information provided regularly at an agreed time of day
  4. Higher engagement with course content, therefore higher completion, learning and signing up of other courses on your menu of services
  5. Easier, cheaper and accessibility of your course content and learning opportunities, increase word of mouth advertisement to the peers of your frontline clients. This in turn increases inquiry and sign up for popular courses much needed by your market.
  6. Can be used as a full program platform or in support of online and / in class educational platforms

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The offer

  1. Part 1: Registration, agreement & sign contract

  • Sign non-disclosure agreements on the course content
  • Agreeing on the time that the course content will be shared to the students
  • Issue DYL with your course content
  1. Part 2: Apportioning, Advertise & agreed payments

  • DYL to apportion course content into WhatsApp based appropriate content, size and suggest duration
  • Client to advertise WhatsApp based course, register respondents into the course
  • Client to send details of those signed up to DYL, including agreed payment to use the platform
  • DYL to include all those signed up into program and to start once agreed payments have been madePlaceholder Image


Dependent on each contract. The following were used on the last contract:

  1. DYL (our name) used own phone and phone line
  2. DYL disseminated course content daily / weekly / on a specific date / monthly as agreed with client
  3. DYL collated all questions and queries sent through in conversation with respondent
  4. DYL sent queries and questions to client on a regular basis for feedback
  5. DYL sent information back to respondent as queried


  1. Courses / course material that we have successfully used this platform for: Short Courses
  2. A free download with a write-up of all of the above information: WCSP Download
  3. Email Barbara should you have any questions or are interested in using the platform: Email

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