All coaching programs are offered online and in person. They are tailor made to be Self Administered, Self Directed or Direct coaching.


Self administered are programs you work on your own. Self directed are programs that come with email support. Direct coaching include an average of 8 hours of one on one coaching with me over a 3 month period.


If you move your cursor and click against each program name or it’s cost below, you will be led to a page that describes your program of interest in detail.

If the program has an option for self administration and self direction, you will be sent to the page where you can start working on it straight away.

For all the programs with Direct coaching, you will be guided to a scheduling platform for a Consultation call. Consultation is $150. Let’s begin: If you are viewing this page on your phone, turn it to landscape for the pricing to be displayed in full.


FOR Business Owners, C-Suite Leaders
& Presidents of organizations
Self administeredSelf directedDirect coaching
Conscious Leadership Level I1,950.002,250.003,750.00
Conscious Leadership Level II4,750.00
FOR Individuals wanting to Define, Design & Display Self leadership goalsSelf administeredSelf directedDirect coaching
Self Leadership: Figuring out and
Living your Life Purpose
1,750.00 *1,500.00 for Sept-Oct 2020
FOR leadership, managerial and supervisory teams & groupsOption A
Leading Self
Option B Leading Teams
Masterclass for Teams
Teams of 5-10
Transformational Leadership
Groups of 10+ on selected topics per workshop
FOR SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises)Self administeredSelf directed
Building your business: for small businesses495.00
WhatsApp Based Coaching PlatformTBA
FOR for pre-employed young people, interns & attachment students – short coursesSelf administered
Get that job!: CVs et al.99.00
Career development99.00
Time management, planning & goal setting99.00
Basic finances99.00
Book coaching club50.00
Working with young people LINK
A message to our educators LINK

I curated the above programs, using a combination of psychology, anthropology, neuroscience and consciousness. Information on my background & experience is found at: LINK

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Below are summarized descriptions of the Main Programs

Conscious Leadership Program LEVEL I

LEVEL I concentrates on Conscious Growth at Personal, Professional and Business Level. It is instructed through 3 platforms: Platform 1: Self administered; Platform 2: Self directed with email support. Platform 3: CLP Program Fully Directed with 10 hours of support. Schedule a Call or Email for a quick discovery consultation. Click against each underlined name to take you to the platform of your choice.

Conscious Leadership Program LEVEL II

LEVEL II is open to Leaders who have gone through Conscious Leadership Program Level I;  with extra focus on Business Blitzscaling & Higher Level Conscious Leadership reaching beyond the self and the business; to the larger Community, i.e. National, Regional and International level. This Level II is offered through a fully guided process. To engage at this level, Schedule Here for a Consultation Call

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Transformational Leadership

This program is focused on Increased emotional Intelligence in leading teams; increased self awareness as a leader; creating conducive work environments; coaching teams for high performance; the true meaning of management; leadership growth mindset; Increased business acumen and managing agile systems, processes and workplace habits; overall wellness, diversity & inclusion. This program is therefore focused on any immediate and short term needs, through quick & short workshops. Email or schedule a direct call to assess your needs and to request the best way to engage: Email / Schedule a Direct Inquiry Call

Self Leadership

We can only lead others to the level to which we are. Do you know what your life purpose is? Are you clear on what you want out of your life? Have you made every spect of your life clear and do you have an agile and flexible but stable roadmap that will get you there? This self leadership course allows you to not only answer all of these questions but to assess where you are and where you need to be in all areas of your life; and with that create a blueprint that helps you adjust accordingly. It is available as an Online self-administered course, and if needing Direct coaching, Email or Schedule a Direct Call for more information.