All coaching programs are offered online and in person.

Deluxe programs include 8 hours of Direct coaching over a 3 month period.

Premium programs are self-administered and self-paced.

All programs use the scientifically backed, MUTEDZI 3D Protocol: Define. Design. Display.

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FOR Business Owners, Leaders & PresidentsDESCRIPTIONDELUXEPREMIUM
Conscious Leadership Part I
Becoming leadership itself4750.002250.00
Conscious Leadership Part IIBeing leadership itself5500.00
Self Leadership & Purpose
Figuring out and living your purpose2250.00495.00

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Conscious Leadership Programs: 3 & 6 months

Programs: 3 months
Leadership CLASS: for Teams of 5-10 per head per month
Helping your leadership teams become leadership itself1025.00495.00
Leadership WORKSHOPS: Groups of 10+ on a selected topic per workshop per head
Workshops on specific topics that lend to increased leadership performance150.00
STRATEGY: facilitation, enhancing & assessment
Working with your decision makers to focus, clarify & make your strategy a living and operational documentEmail / Call for Quote

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