PROGRAM 1: Conscious LEADER-ship
For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Leadership

Part I: Becoming Leadership
By the end of this program Part I, you are going to not only be a higher level, higher performing leader, with strong management and leadership skills, but you are going to be well on your way to BECOMING leadership itself. Not just being a leader. Anyone can do that. We actively increase self awareness, resulting in high levels of emotional intelligence, as we begin to cultivate emotional agility. All areas of your life, are the ‘classroom’ to the program. The program is delivered at individual or group level.

Part II: Embodying Leadership
Part II will see you actively and consciously EMBODYING leadership itself. It not only frees up even more time for you to focus on helping those you lead to flourish and contribute at higher levels, but with high levels of self awareness, emotional intelligence translated to emotional agility, it actively cultivates an inclusive, collaborative and growth mindset that is set within your own internal and strong foundation. This program is delivered to individuals or groups, and through direct coaching.

PROGRAM 2: Conscious SELF-Leadership
Becoming the HERO of your own life by Living a Life of & on Purpose

Using the MUTEDZI 3D protocol, this program is geared to getting you on track to figuring out your life purpose. The 1st D of the protocol, gets you to Define your purpose, and all areas of your life with as much clarity as possible. From there, we start to Design and create roadmaps for each area of your life, whilst actively aligning and Displaying habits and behaviors that get you consciously LIVING A LIFE OF & ON PURPOSE. This program is available as (i) Direct Coaching with the your coach Barbara, or (ii) as a Self-administered course. Link HERE to course.

PROGRAM 3: PRESIDENTIAL Conscious Leadership
This is a National, high level conscious leadership process for those in office and leading on multiple platforms. It’s a package specifically for National & Community Presidents, as well as Presidents of multi-regional & multi-national companies. Information supplied at consultation.

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