The beauty of communion

larm-rmah-216854On Saturday morning, I went for a tea at Willowmead Bells Café, organized by Savanna Wilson, to thank all the women entrepreneurs that she interviewed for her Masters thesis entitled Making the Invisible viable: Stories from female entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

It was epic. It reminded me of how when well-meaning people come together, they create such a movement toward positive actions and vibrations. After that meeting, I managed to put together a website that I have been wanting to put together for a long time but had not made time for. It literally took me a dedicated hour to do so. I felt empowered, the wind beneath my wings fueled and elevated to continue moving forward toward my dreams and even faster.

I got reminded that I am enough, as a human being, I don’t need to wait until I am complete. I was born equipped, awesome and brilliant with tools that allowed me to achieve whatever I wanted and chose to achieve in life. 

You see the month of October has been a personally difficult one, but it was just that, a difficult month – I was not having a difficult life. Sometimes we forget that life is a series of moments. One moment may be better than the other, other moments may break or build us. Other moments may change and point us in the direction that we should be going anyway.

I learnt that today is the day I should get started on that thing that I have been procrastinating on for such a long time. Yesterday is gone, I will never recover it. This moment is happening now, if I don’t embrace and give it my all – the next moment will come and the next and then next and before I know it a year is over, 2018 rolls in, rolls by and goes away. 

As we come toward the end of this year, what have you managed to achieve, what have you not achieved, why not, and why not start now – in this moment. Progress after all is one step at a time, one moment in time.

Choose your moments wisely, choose the people you choose to spend those moments with wisely, choose the words, the actions, the thoughts you use in those moments wisely, because once that moment passes – that’s it. It won’t come back. Time is one thing we can never recover.

Let’s use our moments wisely, let’s be kind to ourselves as we live in those moments today, in the present; let’s embrace, learn and move forward toward other moments in front of us. Life is a journey…let’s enjoy each step of the way.

Enjoy this moment that you read this article, enjoy the thoughts that come with it, the teachings, the learnings the people you would like to share it with because it resonates with you and it will resonate with them. Learn and move forward with grace, with presence and with recognition of your awesomeness as a complete human being in this ever-evolving world that we interact with. Happy Monday everyone!


With fondest regards



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