I am a Neuroscience-Based, that is, Intuitive Yoga Instructor, Mindful Meditation, Journaling & Visualization Guide; a Conscious Leadership Coach, Wellness & WellBeing Practitioner. My name is Barbara Mutedzi.

The purpose of my work, is to provide you with an inclusive wellbeing container founded on the interconnectedness of human nature; and our ability to harness our minds and brains for higher performance. As we shine a light on our true Essence, through stillness, movement & introspection, we tend to live a life of and on purpose.

My vision is grounded in authenticity; always inviting and inclusive; safe and open for self-connection, healing and growth.

The values that guide my work with you are centered on: deep self-awareness, consciousness, compassion, inclusivity and invitational spaces

Neuroscience-based coaching, is the study of the mind and brain and how we can use them for higher performance. With this knowledge, I help us reconnect our minds, body matter and spirit for optimal functioning.

Using different techniques including Breathwork, yoga movements and poses, journaling, introspective exercises and text, visualization, meditation and mindfulness, I guide you to remember the power you already have within you, to Define, Design & Display a life of and on purpose.

My academic background in yoga philosophy, psychology, anthropology, neuroscience & spiritualism, allows me an understanding of wellbeing from many different points of view. Using these disciplines as an anchor, I have conducted primary and secondary research, that includes various aspects of mental health, and the need for tailor-made & community-based projects and programs to support everyone’s life journey. I have, in turn, have had the privilege to actively facilitate, develop and share this information in academic journals, at international conferences & other platforms.

Download my CV below to see some of the Wellness & WellBeing work experiences I have had working around the world Cruise ships, on islands in the Maldives and Seychelles and in-country with different organizations and in health, fitness and medical industries.

Beyond Wellness is WellBeing. WellBeing takes an extra step in helping us re-connect to our higher, inner Being, bereft of the socio-culturally constructed masks we have created over the years, to cover our true, genuine and authentic selves, that is, our true Essence.

Specific to Mental Health, I am hired and on speed dial for specific organizations whose focus is on making sure their staff have the counseling they may need, should they need it.

Re-embracing our true essence, helps us on a journey of remembering our reason for being, that is, our true life purpose. Through these self-awareness, conscious, compassionate practices, I am here to help us connect to this purpose. Let’s connect at bmutedzi@gmail.com or designyourlifefoundation@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to read through my information. I look forward to hearing from you.