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conscious & regenerative leadership

Conscious and Regenerative Leadership from a Waterfall

Consciously Leading through our Values

Embodying Compassion as a Leader

Leadership can be Lonely

Making Time for Conscious Leadership


Personal Relationships: A Mirror to Who We Truly Are Within

A day in the life of Barbara M: Effectively setting up my day and weekly schedule

How to create the Health, Vitality and Energy you Deserve

Managerial effectiveness: A Culture of Conscious Coaching

Making your Coaching Work, Accessible, Interactive and Memorable


Our collective purpose in business

Humanizing our businesses

Transformation & Leadership in Action

Co-creating the coaching journey

How can higher level leadership coaching contribute?

When Eastern, Western & African Philosophies meet, what does leadership look like?


Working from home

Working from home: surviving burn out & mental health issues

Retaining & regaining our client’s trust as we use the digital space more

Managing Remote Teams

Part 1: Managing Remote Teams: The BluePrint

Part 2: Practicalities of Working From Home

Part 3: Managing Remote Teams: Monday Check-ins

Part 4: Hello Leader, Let’s Check-in on you


Organizational Management

How to make your organization fail proof

Companies exist to make money, not to lose it

How micromanagement chases away good employees

As a woman leading your organization, what have you done?



Jumping into entrepreneurship

Jumping into entrepreneurship: Mental Preparation

Self reflection

The beauty of communion

Embracing your uniqueness

If you’re the smartest person in the room, it may be time to expand your horizons

Why planning, goal and intention setting produce better results when paralleled with your life purpose


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