Extra articles


Article 1: Self Leadership on my 16 hour run 

Article 2: Why I teach, Why I coach

Article 3: How having your own success story spurs you on

Article 4: When the young you looks up to you and wonders why you would actively choose a life of misery

Article 5: Lending a voice to a nation that has been silenced 

Article 6: The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they dont have any 

Article 7: The sniffles are not what I need right now

Article 8: Chocolate for breakfast anyone?

Article 9: My name is Barbara, and I am an introvert

Article 10: I knew the job wasn’t for me, but I applied anyway

Article 11: Am I insane, black or just a woman?

Article 12: My ego got in the way and it left me bruised

Article 13: Us as building blocks to the world around us

Article 14: I managed a headstand in yoga

Article 15: Bootcamp at 530am is the easiest part of your day?

Article 16: My first encounter with my mentor was surprising

Article 17: What’s your truth? Your birthday could be your New Year too

Article 18: I know you don’t need more month at the end of the money

Article 19: You are love, you are good Part 2

Article 20: You are love, you are good Part 1

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