YOUR COACH: Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership Coach, helping you sharpen your leadership skills for higher performance, impact & profit. A human catalyst she helps you be the best version of yourself in all the roles you play in life; from self leadership, to leading teams of people. More information on Barbara found at: LINK

who this is for?

Business owners and Leadership teams ahead of the curve or aspiring to be the epitome of personal excellence, professional leadership and business mastery! A mastermind curated with practical steps and actions for higher performance, impact & profit.

What this mean for you? This means that you are looking to making all areas of your life absolutely clear for higher levels of achievement. You have an understanding of what your life purpose is and how it affects and plays out in the different areas of your personal life from finances, to relationships, to generational wealth and legacy.

The result? A mindset so strong that your professional needs are addressed and elevated at each turn, with business mastery a result of your willingness to explore, grow, heal and become the best version of yourself.

why you?

You understand the power and strength within all of us, that we all have something to bring to the table. You are aware of the interconnectedness of all people and the vast potential we all have within each of us especially when we work together.

Interested in how we can weave this information through your personal, professional and business lives; you are open to exploring wisdom teachings across different leadership philosophies from western, to eastern, African, spiritual and consciousness.

what you will gain

Absolute clarity in the direction of your goals; focused attention in all areas of your personal, professional and business lives; inclusive, mature and expanded views of leadership philosophies embedded in actual and practical activities that will be put to use in the mastermind.

Topics we will delve into include: making clear you life purpose because it is the guiding torch to all decisions in all areas of your life; your professional and business strategy and trajectory and how to elevate these using your life purpose; generational wealth, time keeping; delving into different areas of your psyche, anthropology, neuroscience; active journaling with prompts sent to you as a guide; high performance habits of the progressive leader; spiritual and conscious leadership and so on.

Everything is geared to sharpening your leaderships skills, for you and those you serve, lead and look after. Because you are the axe that is building the platforms in your life. when the axe is sharp, the house that it builds is stronger for it.



MONTH 1 D1: Each group will have no more than 10 people – so make sure to sign up soon. In each group we have a weekly check-in call 3 times a month. The calls will be guided by weekly worksheets that guide us into clarifying and focusing your life’s purpose. Worksheets are to be emailed back to Barbara on a weekly basis to tie in any questions, updates, progress checks, ideas, experiences and lessons that will be shared during the call. The purpose of this 1st month is to help you clarify where you are (POINT A) and where you want to be in all areas of your life (POINT B). From there, we identify all the psychological, societal, cultural and belief gaps in-between. Once we are clear on these, we move forward to month 2.

MONTH 2 D2: In the 2nd month, we start putting together a roadmap of where we would like to be, with a clearer understanding of the gaps we would have identified, and with tools that help us mitigate these at personal, professional and business level. We test the roadmap, adjusting as we go along. There will be 3 group calls every 2nd week to update, support, progress, ideas, share experiences, learn from each other as we make IMPACT.

MONTH 3 D3: In the 3rd month, we actively start to live the life we would have defined in Month 1, designed in month 2; making higher level adjustments as we fully merge new habits of higher performance and impact. It is at this stage that we start to gain momentum along the purpose of our agendas – a good place to end Level 1 Basic Mastermind and extend to OPTION B & C: LEVEL II & III MASTERMIND.


These levels delve deeper into our habits as we continually progress to face who we truly are in the face of our transition form Level I. We look at philosophies around self leadership, the importance of self awareness, the importance of serving and giving back.

We are made aware of the different kinds of leadership from past presidents such as Lincoln and Nelson Mandela, the difference between leadership using the human level understanding and leadership from a more a conscious and engaged platform. This is leadership of the legends. Addressing wounds, properly healing, addressing our projections and moving through both inner and outer adversities for resilient leadership. Are you ready for this level? All begin with 3 month long Level I Leadership.

Higher forms of emotional intelligence come from being open to the continual exposure to different ways and platforms of leading. Using my background in psychology, anthropology, neuroscience-based coaching, consciousness and so much more, the content in these masterclasses is backed by science, is practical & will help you achieve higher levels of performance in your personal, professional and business spaces. Join us!

Barbara Mutedzi