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Below are links to Podcast Interviews where I share tips on how to Find & Live Your Purpose

In this podcast episode, we explore and discuss: ✓ What is purpose? ✓ The difference between purpose and destiny; ✓ How to find your purpose; ✓ How to address challenges such as fulfilling your purpose whilst needing to meet financial obligations; and ✓ Whether or not your purpose can change. Knowing your why, and walking fully in your purpose is essential for a good overall image. Listen here CLICK

In this podcast with Brand to Build Co, I share tips on how to figure out your life purpose; what a life purpose is and why it is important. With Thembe Khumalo, the host, we discuss the importance of tapping into your higher power through regular spiritual practices that you follow. Your higher power knows why you are here, and so linking up to connect with it, allows you to keep and feel grounded. Listen by clicking this LINK

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In the meantime, stay well my friend! I look forward to seeing you grow and excel as you step into your Purpose. Here is to living a life of Purpose and on Purpose! With kind regards, grace and gratitude. Your Conscious Leadership Coach, Barbara Mutedzi.